#19 - UBS HONG KONG OPEN - 11/21/2017

November 21, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) spends some time with Nathan explaining the history of thanksgiving, talking Canadian-isms, Phoenix Coyotes, finding your tribe as well as about 2% golf talk on the UBS Hong Kong Open. 

Wiley also talks about his first thanksgiving as a US Citizen.



November 14, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) is back in Episode 18 to talk 15% golf including the RSM Classic and DP World Tour Championship. Wiley also talks Kizzire, Bitcoin, Medieval Times, Incongruent Branding, iPhone X, DK and PGA Live Coverage. Wiley also touches on an essay by Steve Erickson.

Open & Monologue: 0:00
Ryan Baroff: 41:32
Close: 1:14:10


#17 - MAYAKOBA & NEDBANK w/ Matthew Wiley - 11/7/2017

November 7, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) is back to talk the OHL Mayakoba & Nedbank golf tournaments. Wiley also joins NATHAN! to talk about Halloween, the Elevator Guy, Patrick Cantlay, Papa Johns, Pizza Nova and brands losing their way. Wiley also gives a well-deserved shout to Pat Mayo. Baroff too!

0:00 Wiley, Nathan, Open & Monologue
38:40 Ryan Baroff, OHL Mayakoba & Nedbank
1:13:24 Close


#16 - SHRINERS OPEN & TURKISH AIRLINES w/ Matthew Wiley - 10/30/17

October 31, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) recaps the Sanderson Open and talks Shriner’s Open in Episode 16. Wiley also joins Nathan to talk Bitcoin, his expensive gags, Ryan Armour, The Reformation, who controls a brand, Magic Mike and Tiger! Baroff too!


0:00 INTRO w/ Nathan
45:41 Baroff
1:12:15 Close & Tiger Woods


#15 - HSBC & Sanderson Farms Championships w/ Matthew Wiley & Guests: Ryan Baroff & Matthew Fry - 10/23/2017

October 24, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) joins Ryan Baroff and the BIRDMAN Matthew Fry to talk HSBC Championship and Sanderson Farms. Wiley also joins DAN to talk about further proof of his mental decline, PGA coming to Lexington, Hot Air Balloons, CJ Cup Skull Island, Nike Vests, Draft Kings rake and not gouging your customers. Wiley also talks about The Last Alaskans and how it is a great illustration of life.


0:00 Open & Monologue

44:04 Ryan Baroff

1:09:34 Matthew Fry

1:29:29 Life & The Last Alaskans


#14 - CJ CUP & VALDERRAMA w/ Guest: Ryan Baroff - 10/16/2017

October 17, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) joins Ryan Baroff to discuss the CJ Cup in Korea and the Valderrama Masters in Spain. Wiley also brings DAN! on from his office, talks about bosses day, the "NY Incident", what is golf and podcasting. Wiley also gives his take on the Al Michaels controversy.


0:00 Open & Monologue
29:36 Ryan Baroff
58:32 Close & Al Michaels


#13 - CIMB CLASSIC & ITALIAN OPEN w/ Wiley & Guests: Ryan Baroff & Ben Coley - 10/9/2017

October 10, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) joins Ryan Baroff and Ben Coley to talk about the CIMB Classic and Italian Open. Wiley also discusses the latest on the office bat, Canadian Thanksgiving, Baseball?, Kony 2012, Hitting Putts and What Makes a Brand Work. Wiley also closes with one of the most important lessons he has learned in business. 


0:48 Intro
33:50 Ryan Baroff - CIMB Classic
59:04 Ben Coley - Italian Open
1:32 Close


#12 - SAFEWAY OPEN w/ Wiley & Guests: Ryan Baroff & Brad Messersmith - 10/2/2017

October 3, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) joins Ryan Baroff and Brad Messersmith from Degenerate Nation to talk about the Safeway Open and the fantasy sports industry. Wiley also joins Nathan to talk about NASBLA, progressive memory loss, Niagara Falls, Papyrus Font, Design and Brand and the President's Cup. Wiley also gives his thoughts on the Vegas tragedy.


0:00 - Open w/ Nathan & Monologue
29:56 - Ryan Baroff: SAFEWAY OPEN Breakdown & Picks
59:42 - Brad Messersmith: DFS Industry, SAFEWAY OPEN
1:28.56 - 10 Second Guest: Casey C.
1:30.00 - Close: Guns & America



#11 - PRESIDENTS CUP w/ Wiley & Guest: Ryan Baroff - 9/25/2017

September 26, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) joins Ryan Baroff on a PGA off-week to recap the Fedex Cup, Tour Championship and Highs/Lows from the 2016-2017 PGA Tour Season. Wiley also talks the British Masters, his big office lie, BENGALS!, Panera, Draft Kings, Authentic Messaging and the NFL Anthem controversy. Also, did anyone guess the GOLFLANDIA font correctly?!


#10 - TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP w/ Wiley & Guest: Ryan Baroff - 9/18/2017

September 19, 2017

Matthew Wiley (@wiley77) joins Ryan Baroff to talk about the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club. Wiley also touches on the BMW Championship, Draft Kings, Bengals, Brand Awareness and Golf Elitism. Also, the 10 second GUEST!